Khenzi Turns 4

Four Years

Guess who turned 4! KHENZI!!!! I definitely no longer have a baby on my hands here. I have a little woman that is so different from me when growing up. A real girly girl that is forcing me to embrace my girly side, and for those who know me, that can be a bit difficult. But anyway, she is my sweetheart, my princess and will always be my baby no matter how old she gets.

As usual we had a small celebration with her classmates, this time outside since our area was having load-shedding, also known as a power outage (It’s a long story. Read more here.) The weather was beautiful and the kids enjoyed the break from school activities to have some cake and sing for Khenzi.

We left school and our first stop was to pick up her birthday present which was a bicycle that she could call her own and not have to share with her big brother Karsyn anymore. She was so excited! We then left to have her favorite food, pizza! At the best pizza spot to hit the streets, Dominoes! After filling our bellies, we sped home so daddy could put the bike together so we could take it out for a spin. Here are some pics and video showing all we did today!

Thanks to all the aunties, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and friends that called, came by and took time to wish our little princess a Happy Birthday. She enjoyed her day and would love to do it all over again tomorrow 🙂


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