35 Things I Love About You

Happy Birthday Kirk!

Another year has passed and another birthday has arrived for the love of my life, Kirk. 35 years God has blessed you with and 10 of those years I have been able to celebrate with you. There is so much that I love about you, so much so that I decided to list a few, well not a few, exactly 35 things. Happy Birthday baby, I hope you enjoy today. We love you!

I love YOUR

  1. enigmatic personality. Just draws people to you.
  2. storytelling. You have a creative way of telling a story, “creative license”.
  3. laugh. Loud and brawling. I may not find a joke that funny, but hearing you laugh makes me laugh more.
  4. anality. You may need to really seek help. I’m just saying.
  5. voice. God blessed you with a beautiful talent. I could listen to you all day long.
  6. sense of humor. Fills my day with laughter, I love it.
  7. spirituality. I look up to you and you make me strive for more.
  8. commitment. When you say you will do something, you do it.
  9. integrity. You are not afraid to stand up and defend what you believe in.
  10. rebellious spirit. As you say, you’re a NUGENT.
  11. family. Without them, you wouldn’t be the man that I love.
  12. love for our children. You are a great father to them, I can’t ask for more.
  13. leadership skills. You are a born leader, and a da** good one.
  14. willingness to get hands dirty. There are just some things I will not do or touch.
  15. romantic side. Always ready and willing to woo me.
  16. need for speed. Something we have in common.
  17. movie preferences. No fighting for the remote over here!
  18. love for technology. Something else we have in common.
  19. love for numbers. Means I don’t ever have to be in charge of our budget.
  20. love of self. Pushes me to love myself more and to be more confident in myself.
  21. gift of gab. I can just sit back and relax and let you do all the talking.
  22. patwa. You can switch it on and off like the flick of a switch unlike myself which is a lost cause.
  23. ear. Your ability to hear what I have not said with words.
  24. love for music. Very eclectic, from big band to hip hop.
  25. stomach of steel (the steel can). When I am down and out I can count on you to be the one that’s fully functional.
  26. strong values. You know what they are and stick with them no matter what.
  27. weird addiction to PBJ. Doesn’t just go on bread.
  28. drive. Never afraid of going after your dreams.
  29. love for your mom. I have nothing to worry about.
  30. thoughtfulness. You are always thinking about me, sometimes more than I do of myself.
  31. playfulness. We still enjoy running around the house like kids.
  32. affectionate side. For those who know, this is not an area of strength for me, so one of us has to be.
  33. warm body. You may put up a fight at first but I can always find warmth for my cold hands and feet.
  34. love for me. It boggles my mind sometimes.
  35. calves. Hey, I love a sexy, well-defined calf.


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