Well where do I start…

I met Kanique one Wednesday night at prayer meeting in September of 2003.  Chivonne her roommate went up to do a prayer request and she went along to provide support.  Truth be told I had fallen asleep that evening in prayer meeting so I missed what they said and the close of prayer meeting and everything (LOL).  When I woke up prayer meeting was over and people were standing around talking, I believe it was either Pastor Royes or Donnell Josiah who called me to the front where Kanique and Chivonne were standing.  There I was introduced to both of them and told that Kanique is in the same line of work that I am and she is looking for a job.  Having recently moved to the area myself and was also looking for a job I knew exactly what advice to give her, so we exchanged email addresses and shared information over the net for the weeks that followed. 

We spoke when we saw one another at prayer meeting and on Sabbath mornings at church but it really never progressed past this for a couple of months.  (Gotta be real for a moment – I just didn’t know how to approach the situation so I was trying to play things cool)  Anyway on another Wednesday evening after Prayer Meeting let out I was talking to Chivonne and Kanique for a while (a little longer than usual – the pep talk I gave myself in the mirror that afternoon paid off… DEAD SEXY!!!) it was at this time we exchanged numbers cause I was looking to invite them to a few things going on that weekend and probably a movie (Smile).  I didn’t call that night I waited till the next evening (took everything in my being) held them hostage on the phone for a while then I was kicked off the phone because American Idol was on (lost out to the TV).

Me and Kanique started hangin out a little more exclusively, we went to work on computers, driving around the area, as well as staying on the phone and email.  I remember stayin up almost all night talking to her and at some point that night I built up the courage (despite the TV incident) to tell her how I felt about her.  We officially started dating on May 16, 2004 and I crashed yea even totaled her car on May 19, 2005 three yes 3 days later.  I remember lying strapped to a board in the Emergency Room of Northwest Hospital thinking yea you messed up.  I brought up the whole thing with Kanique later saying man most people would say this is a sign that we shouldn’t go forward or at the very least we should rethink where we’re heading.  Her exact words were, “I look at it as our relationship starting out with a Bang!”  She is Hilarious that’s why I love her. 

Our relationship has been filled with a wide range of interesting experiences that just give a glimpse of our unique connection.  A better way to say that would be - I believe all my life, every experience I’ve gone through, the very path that has lead me to this day/moment, all was ordered and ordained by God and He has blessed me with a beautiful, intelligent, kindhearted, beautiful, strong, supportive, beautiful, loving, forgiving, beautiful, resourceful, innovative, did I mention beautiful woman.  I praise God for that and I plan to cherish her for the rest of my days.

(If you were looking for the engagement story you have to ask Kanique…)

Kanique's side of things...