It was August 16, 2005 on a Tuesday when I went to work as usual, a typical day which started out gloomy and downcast. I was kinda hoping that it would at least be sunny and nice since it was our anniversary, and Kirk and I try to do something special each time. Didn’t have to be anything big, just maybe going out to dinner or staying at home eating pizza and watching a movie.

It was around 9:45 am that my supervisor walked over to me and was like, “Kanique, can I talk to you for a second? Outside…” I said “Sure!”, but you can only imagine how scared I was. The lil me inside was screaming, “Noooo! This is it! I’m fired!” I quickly gathered myself together and followed her to the elevator chit-chatting as we made our way down. The second we got outside I saw a black town car backing up in our direction before coming to a stop in front of us. Then this guy stepped out and mid-conversation I paused and said, “I know this guy!” So I tell my supervisor to hold on for a second as I walked over to Dexter and asked him what in the world he was doing here. He looked at me, smiled and told me he was here to pick me up, and started shuffling me in the direction of the door.

I started looking from him to my supervisor and asked “what is going on?”, but no one was saying anything just looking at me smiling and shooing me to the car. The door opened and on the seat I saw roses, “Roses?” I got in and before I could get to reading the 1st of 3 letters I found tucked in the seat pocket in front of me, Dexter pulled off. I said “um, my stuff…” and sure enough he ended up stopping since both my supervisors now and co-worker, Nikki were practically chasing the car down to hand me my belongings.

All I could think was “baaaaabe!!!” I never wanted to get my hands on somebody so bad, not only to strangle him, but to shower him with kisses. I, Kanique Mighty, almost cried… keyword almost. Have you ever felt such a deep feeling of love that just overwhelms you? It comes over you in such an overpowering way that you get all light-headed and you can’t seem to bear it? That’s just how I felt.

By then it had begun to rain as we drove through the winding streets of the city to the spa that babe (his official name of endearment…) had scheduled for me to be pampered and treated to a full body massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. Can you see why I love this guy?

I felt like such a princess… my chauffeur pulled up to the building, whipped out his umbrella and escorted me to the door before leaving with the promise to return around 2pm to pick me up. Those 4 hours were some of the best I have ever had… I was served lunch at noon at my own little table, by my own waitress before my chauffeur returned. It was then on my way back to the city that I opened envelope #2. It stated that I will be taken to the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, which is located directly in front of Baltimore’s inner harbor in the middle of the city. There I will request a room that was reserved under Kirk Nugent’s name. Also tucked in the envelope was a little shopping money for me to treat myself to an outfit for the evening.

I said good-bye to my driver, picked up the key to my room and made my way upstairs. When I entered the room, on the bed were more roses and a stack of wedding magazines, but what really caught my attention was the panoramic view I had of the city. The whole harbor was practically at my feet and I must have stood with my face pressed up against the glass for a good minute before sitting down to read his letters just one more time, and another, and another. Reading them made me feel closer to him since I had not spoken to him all day, except for a text message screaming at him to tell me what was going on. I hadn’t even called anyone at all… I figured… just let it flow, don’t ruin it… by then of course I had figured out that today was the day.

I made my way downstairs to where the mall was located. Yes ladies, the mall is right downstairs J… Paradise! I was able to find a nice gold top, dress pants and belt which I knew would bring just the right smile to his face when he saw me. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything scandalous. I can never understand how time flies by so quickly when shopping, because before I knew it, it was time to get back upstairs to get ready since he had requested for me to be back in the room by a specific time, not sure why. By then it was time to read envelope #3. It said that a reservation was made at Windows, the hotel’s rooftop restaurant for 6:30 pm, where he would meet me, and that I should call the front desk for directions.

So I got dressed, lounged around until around 5:45 until I couldn’t take the anxiety any longer. I called the front desk, got the directions and made my way to the restaurant. I walked up to the waitress who located my reservation and escorted me to my table with a weird smile on her face. My waiter introduced himself, poured me some water and left me to my own thoughts as I took in the beauty of the place which was descriptive of its name, and the scene of the harbor below me.

Around 6:25 I looked back and there he was… dressed in linen, roses in hand and a nervous smile on his face as our waiter walked him to our table. Before he could make it to me I was on my feet fighting with all my will the urge to leap on top of him and smother him with kisses. He walked up to me, gave me a hug and a peck on the lips before sitting next to me. We spoke a lil before he reached for my hand and slowly got to his knees. With a nervous twitch to his lips he slowly began to say the most beautiful words that I think I have forgotten, well not completely, it’s just a lil blurry, but I got the gist. All that mattered were those three lil words “will you marry me?”

It’s funny… the more nervous he became, the more I felt a calm come over me… it’s kinda bad, I think I bask in his nervousness every time… brought me back to the time he told me he was “interested” and when he asked me to be his girl… memories… just to torture him my response was “I don’t know…..”. He was like “baby don’t do this to me”, so of course I did say “YES!”, because I couldn’t bear to torture him anymore. I threw my arms around him before sealing it with a kiss to wash away any fears he may have had. And here we are today, madly in love and ready to start our life together…