Since we already have most of the traditional items people getting married usually register for we’ve setup a website that will allow you to contribute toward different things we’ll do on our honeymoon, with your help it’ll be a trip we never forget and we’ll be able to do a lot more than our budget will allow.  We’re so glad that you’re willing to make this possible for us.

For our Honeymoon we'd like to go to Tahiti.  Most of you know us and we are people who love to travel and see exciting, new, and different things.  For our Honeymoon it would be no different we still want to do something exciting, new, and different but also add in the romantic, relaxing, and intimate aspects.  Again we thank you so much for making our Dream come true.

Kirk & Kanique

This link below will take you to our Wedding Registry Site:

If clicking on this link doesn’t work either copy and paste it into a new internet window or go directly to and under Wedding Guests put either of our last names in the field where is says Find a Couple.  This should bring you to our Registry.

For family members that aren’t familiar with navigating the internet or want assistance in using our Registry Site we have asked two people to take charge in answering your questions and walking you through.  For the Groom's Family please contact Andrew Nugent at and for the Bride’s family please contact Rohan Dunkley at  If you are just not comfortable purchasing gifts online or have any issues with the Registry Website please feel free to call them toll free at:

Although both Andrew and Rohan will be more than happy to help, please contact them only if you have no other resource to help you secure gifts on our Registry Website.

Thanks in advance for your gifts!