Weather Men/Women should all consider a new term for their profession because simply put they generally have no clue what they are talking about most of the time. On a day we weren’t slated to get a lot of snow we some how are caught off-guard (for the millionth time) and get DUMPED on. Add to that the fact that the State of Maryland and it’s driving population have no clue how to – prepare for, maintain during, drive in, or clean up after – any substantial amount of snow. The results of all of the above is what took place over the past 36 hours where we got an early morning unexpected snow storm followed by afternoon into the night snow storm that was expected but underestimated leaving countless people stranded on highways, walking to hotels, driving down the wrong side of the highway (Evert) – all in a desperate attempt to get home.

Today after the Sun came out I went outside with Henry cleaned off our cars and then had a little snow fun with Kanique, Kim, Karsyn, Evan, and about 5 Snowmen! Take a look…

I apologize for my commentary but we were just having some fun! Henry, Saara, and Isaiah had already been outside for a long while so they went in by the time this video was taken. So the whole experience wasn’t horrible but i’m sure the thousands of people who took anywhere from 5 to 15 hours to get home yesterday would disagree…

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  1. Kirk Nugent

    I have to say Evan sure loves the snow… following in Daddy’s footsteps I see – LOL!

    • Henry

      Waddle Evan!!! WADDLE!!!! Like father like son 🙂 LOL!!


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