Blog Transition

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Blog Transition

Resurrected Blog, New Theme, New Look, Updated Settings, and a New Purpose heading in a new Direction!

Until now i’ve been posting about random thoughts or events or travel that I felt was interesting enough to share and I still plan to do that but in a bit more organized manner.

This blog will specifically provide perspectives on things experienced here in Southern Africa contrasting them with experiences from my time living in the states (the west).  God has blessed me with a unique vantage point where I can see the world differently and he’s also placed a burden on my heart to share those perspectives – what better way to do that than from here.

Our family blog at mightynugent.com/media is where i’ll post pictures, videos, and random musings of our family, our experiences, our challenges, our victories…

That said here’s a brief rundown of the places i’ve been since moving here in August 2011:

  • Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • Bloemfontein, Freestate, South Africa
  • Kimberly, Northern Cape, South Africa
  • Blantyre/Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Maputo, Mozambique
  • Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • Manzini, Swaziland
  • Maseru, Lesotho

In the next few months i’ll visit:

  • Windhoek, Namibia
  • Gaborone, Botswana

That’s a long list I know but its my intention to share something unique from each visit along with other observations that we seem to stumble into everyday.  Pray for me as I embark on this endeavor in the end the true benefactor of this blog is me – having a place to document experiences, different cultural ways of conducting business, and recount the ways God has worked in my life is truly priceless.  I just hope it will be of some benefit to you too, enjoy!

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5 years…

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5 years…

To my wife of 5 years I want to say happy Anniversary! Today June 25th is the day we celebrate the miracle God wrought in our lives. 5 short years ago we stood before God, family, and friends and entered into marriage. Today just as I did that day I pledge myself to you yet again – our union has been blessed with two beautiful children and we’re about to embark on an adventure that was custom designed just for us by the Father above. I love you girl and I can’t wait to see whats next!

Here are the words of the song I sang while you walked down the aisle:

Meant to be the one to prove what love can do
Thought my manly touch would take my lady through
Held her in my arms, tried to shield her from all harm
But now I come to You needing direction

Hold her through the night, she trembled in my hand,
Whispered in my ears, kept calling me her man
Still I seek your face- touch this broken place
As we lie face to face- needing your grace

Lord I lift her up to You, there are some things I can’t do
She has a void that I can’t fill, and she has some tears I can’t wipe away
Hear me when I pray as I lift her up to You

I can only confess that i’ve tried to live up to what you deserve but if i’m honest you make me a better man then I could’ve ever hoped to be.  Truly thats the way God designed it because i’ve watched proudly as you’ve transformed into the mother and wife and nuturer and business woman you are today.  Our friends and family play a huge part in our lives…

…and as we start this new chapter moving to South Africa we will truly miss them and we’ll have to cling to one another and depend on one another like never before but God has set our feet upon this path and has promised to see us through.  On Augusts 16th 2005 we sat down for diner at the Windows Restaurant top floor of the Gallery Downtown Baltimore and I asked you to not only make me the happiest man in the world by saying yes to my proposal but I also asked you to see the world with me –

– God was listening in and has set things up  for us not only to share our lives with one another but to fulfill our dreams, to live life full and free, and to be of service with the unique skills and talents he has placed within us.  Today marks 5 years of Marital Bliss, 5 years of preparation, and 5 years of tuning retuning and fine tuning – lets let go of anything that might be holding us back and see what crazy, unheard of, ridiculous, and miraculous possibilites God has in store for us.

With everything that is within me I Love You!

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travelin shoes

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travelin shoes

Growing up our family did a lot of travel mostly within the country and mostly driving – I loved every minute! We would set out on the road from good old St. Pete to places like Jekyll Island, Indianapolis, New Paltz, Boston, Miami, New York, Gainesville, Atlanta, Berrien Springs, and even Toronto… One of the most common trips we used to do was Orlando, about 2 hours away we could drive there in our sleep – I think every car we had knew how to drive that trip with no driver necessary!

No matter the destination we would set out on the road with our TripTik from AAA to guide us. We would stop at different places on the way to see the “sights” we would sing songs, play games, figure out riddles, you name it. It got to the point we started counting mile posts, playing punch buggy, and naming cars just off of their headlights – year, make, & model. Even the sound of car tires on the highway gives me a sense of nostalgia and songs like “On the Road Again” or any country music really just makes me want to gas up and GO…… Honestly with 4 siblings it was always an adventure, experience, dare I say war in the vehicle – we can all look back on those times and smile.

Those trips instilled in me a love for travel!
You should be able to guess my favorite reality tv show in one try…

To go to some place new, experience a different culture, hear a different accent or language, meet new people, and get a glimpse of what they consider ‘normal’ is exhilarating for me. I’ve been blessed to work at a job that requires a decent amount of travel! Since starting their 2 years ago I’ve visited India, Korea, Ukraine, and the Dominican Republic. This year there are projects in place that will possibly take me to the Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Mexico. Outside of travel for work I’ve visited Jamaica, Bermuda, and French Polynesia – specifically Tahiti, Morea, & Bora Bora: Honeymoon!

Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

Did you get it right?

With each trip I feel I’m broadening my world outlook, becoming more sensitive to peoples socioeconomic position, and changing my concept of needs and wants. God really outdid himself when speaking the world and its inhabitants into existence! The different landscapes, climates, and cultures just add something extra special to life. Often times we use our differences to build up walls when in fact its our differences that should ultimately bring us together. “…red & yellow, black & white all are precious in his site Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

I’ve got my travelin shoes on I wonder where I’ll go next?

Be blessed…

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Technology at its Best

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Technology at its Best

In November my parents came up from Florida to visit us here in Maryland. They drove 17 hours from Sabbath afternoon arriving Sunday morning. Spent a few days here with us for the sole purpose of seeing their first Grandchild (when you have a baby no one really wants to see you anymore) it was a great time. While here, I did a video call using Skype to my brother who also lives in Florida – my parents were amazed at how easy it was for us to see and talk to one another from miles and miles away.

For Christmas I talked my Dad into getting a webcam, didn’t take much to sell him on it once I told him it would enable them to see and talk to us from home. We do a secret santa every year and I made sure that Dad’s Santa knew that’s what he wanted using Elfster (yet another technology I won’t go into but google it, its a great tool). Christmas came and to our surprise Dad received his webcam! I told him to call me when he gets back home so I can help him set it up and today was the day we installed it.

Using skype we were able to have a video chat where he got to see his grandson again. We got off early afternoon with the intention we would do another when Mom came home. Well we reconnected later but my brother and his wife were trying to get in on the fun but couldn’t cause skype doesn’t do video conferencing but ooVoo does! Quickly we installed ooVoo on all our computers (used teamviewer to remote into the parents computer at home). In no time all 3 households – parents, brother & wife, and my family along with my sister and her husband were laughing and joking with one another as if we were in the same room!


And there you have it – Technology at its Best – making it possible for a family to connect and spend some time together in a way that not to long ago was not only impossible but inconceivable…

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When the time Comes…

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When the time Comes…

2009 was a great year one that I will probably never forget.  Let’s see what happened over the course of the year…

  1. Inauguration of President Barak Obama
  2. Geoffery (younger Bro) graduated from College
  3. Ean (younger Cuz) got married in Jamaica bringing the entire family together in JA which was a huge first
  4. I turned the big 30!
  5. My church asked me to serve as an Elder for the coming year
  6. My wife gave birth to our first child – little Karsyn

It’s been a power packed, fun-filled, edge of your seat, year of firsts!  As I look over that list I automatically gravitate to the last two bullet points because with them comes two titles that I’ve never had the priviledge, honor, responsibility, and weight of carrying before:

Father & Elder

In a world where technology and rapid progression make the unimaginable – common, the awesome & disgusting – normal, and the impossible – possible: do people even believe in God anymore?  Does the local church have any real effect?  Are we making a difference?  Is there a need for one to be asked to serve as an Elder?  And can that Elder/Father raise a man-child on this diseased ridden rock called earth?  I mean as we turn the page from one year to the next these are valid questions that I find myself asking?  Just turn on the news at any time and you’ll hear the never ending reports of our current reality, a reality that leaves us less comfortable in our homes, less confident in our safety from natural disasters to wide spread disease, and less certain of a tomorrow.  Thinking of all the responsibilities, bills, tasks and possibilities [good or bad] that may come our way is a sure method to end up in the mad house.  My word tells me that “God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” Matthew6:34.

When the time comes..

Let’s put that line to work:

  • I don’t know what I’ll do if my husband dies – You will, when the time comes
  • When my children leave the house, I don’t think I can take it – It won’t be easy, but strength will arrive when the time comes
  • I could never lead a church.  There is too much I don’t know.  You maybe right.  Or you may be wanting to know everything too soon.  Could it be that God will reveal answers to you when the time comes?

Read  Matthew 6:28-34 (The Message)

As we stare down the possibilities of this new year the key is simply this:  We must meet today’s problems with today’s strength.  Dont start tackling tomorrow’s problems until tomorrow.   You do not have tomorrow’s strength yet.  You simply have enough for today.

My name is Kirk Nugent and this Rock is Crying out…

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D. I. P. driver improvement program

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D. I. P. driver improvement program

So last July I got a ticket on I-70 west heading to pickup my father-in-law to take him to the airport. I didn’t bother fighting the ticket due to my past experiences in traffic court and decided to just pay it to avoid any hassell. A few days before Christmas I received a letter in the mail from the MVA informing me that due to my driving record, points, and recent tickets I need to go take the Driver Improvement Program class and pass the test within the next month or my license will be suspended.

I’m doing the online course and it took me over an hour to do segment 1 (there’s 5 segments) I’ve had sometime to reflect on how I drive during this time especially since I’m a new father with new responsibilities. Slowing down is a must for me now, so far I’ve learned it’ll take two years for the current points/citations to not count against me and an additional year for them to be automatically expunged from my record completely.


I’m selling my 2005 Nissan Altima SE-R: (240lb ft of torque, 250 hsp, 6spd manual transmission, 18inch wheels, leather interior, heated seats, 71K miles, $11500 if your interested click here) this car is undoubtedly the majority of my driving woes because its a cop magnet. If you’ve ever driven one it really forces you to not only drive a little faster but more aggressively. Anyway we’re praying it sells quick – not for the above reasons – we simply can’t afford two car payments for much longer.

Anyway for those of you out there that are like me (and know there are a lot of you) please learn the lesson from my experience – slow down and respect the rules of the road – else you’ll end up in D.I.P………

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