Kanique’s 28th Birthday


For Kanique’s 28th Birthday we wanted to do something a little different and special but since she was already 9 months pregnant our options were limited. So we went to Sight and Sound in Pennsylvania to see a christmas play called The Miracle of Christmas – it was an awesome experience and surprisingly spiritual in nature, we highly recommend it! This was only a 45 minute drive away and we figured that if she went into labor we could easily drive back down to Baltimore before she passed the point of no return. We also stayed at a Bed and Breakfast that night called the Barn at Strasburg which was also an excellent experience and not much more costly than a regular Hotel room – if its only for the morning meal alone it would be worth it!

Side Note – we celebrated Kanique’s Birthday the weekend of November 14 she gave birth to little Karsyn on November 23 – we cut it kinda close but it all worked out!

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