In this post we just want to share two videos and a picture – they are all taken at Ean and Jody’s house in Columbia Maryland. Uncle John, Aunt Betty, and Joy were visiting Ean and Jody from Florida and Jeremy, Devine, JJ, and Alyssa were visiting Shawn, Maria, Michala, Samaria, and Shayla from North Carolina. Evert, Kim, Evan, and soon to be born Kendal were there as well as my family – Kirk, Kanique, Karsyn and Khenzi. Whew thats a lot of names so now that we have the details or background out of the way here is the first Video…

From left to right you have:

Karsyn, Alyssa, JJ, Sammy holding Evan, and Michala holding Khenzi and Shayla

I am waiting for more pictures from the host of other people that had their cameras present but I just wanted to share one that I had while I wait…

In this video we have the same people but Kim was asked to jump in the picture but just show her belly so Kendal could be present and accounted for as well – LOL – whenever this much family is present it’s always a guaranteed good time!

PS. I apologize from now for any names that were misspelled it’s very easy to change so just drop me a message or a comment below and i’ll update it, thanks!

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