35 Things I Love About You

Aug 26, 14 35 Things I Love About You

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Another year has passed and another birthday has arrived for the love of my life, Kirk. 35 years God has blessed you with and 10 of those years I have been able to celebrate with you. There is so much that I love about you, so much so that I decided to list a few, well not a few, exactly 35 things. Happy Birthday baby, I hope you...

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Wii Sports

Dec 25, 13 Wii Sports

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Before going on one of my many work trips a couple of us guys decided to give the Lady’s a night off and keep the kids while they had a night on the town.  All the Dad’s decided to come by our place with the kids to have a game night both for the kids and for the Guys.  We played some old school games like Streets of...

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Anniversary Tribute

Jun 25, 13 Anniversary Tribute

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Today we Celebrate 7 years of Marriage… The Number 7 is a significant number especially in the Bible… Instead of a whole lot of typing… And in lieu of Gifts… I’ve posted this Video Tribute to my Wife! We’ve made it to 7! Let’s see what new adventures are awaiting us in the years to...

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7 Years

Jun 25, 13 7 Years

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It’s been 7 years. Man how time flies when you are having fun 🙂 We are blessed and thankful that the Lord has kept us together for all these years and we pray that we will remain together for years to come. We have had an awesome journey and look forward to what else is yet to come. Thanks to the friends and family that...

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Adventist Africa 2013 IT Summit

Jun 09, 13 Adventist Africa 2013 IT Summit

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In June of 2013 we had the first ever Adventist Africa IT Summit where there were representatives from the 3 Divisions of Africa comprising an entire continent of Adventist Employed IT Professionals.  It was truly an awesome occasion for learning, networking, and sharing where the theme was “Collaborate for Mission”....

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2013 IT Report

May 10, 13 2013 IT Report

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As you all know I work for the Southern Africa – Indian Ocean Division (SID) as an IT Director.  Twice a year there are meetings held here in Pretoria where Adventist Leadership from all over the region meet and discuss progress on projects, conduct strategic planning, pray and worship together, and of course give a report on...

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