1st Day of School 2015

Jan 14, 15 1st Day of School 2015

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Today, January 14th was the first day of school for Karsyn and Khenzi. Here in South Africa the school year starts in January and ends in December, not like in the States where it starts in September and ends in June. The kids were so excited to start school again because they had been out of school since December 4th for a long...

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Karsyn turns 5

Nov 23, 14 Karsyn turns 5

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We have a 5 year old! I cannot believe it! As the term goes, time definitely does fly. I can’t believe 5 years have come and gone so quickly. Our little man is now just passed my waist in height and has already lost 2 of his baby teeth. Where has my baby gone? We are so proud of the little man he is growing into and we pray...

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35 Things I Love About You

Aug 26, 14 35 Things I Love About You

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Another year has passed and another birthday has arrived for the love of my life, Kirk. 35 years God has blessed you with and 10 of those years I have been able to celebrate with you. There is so much that I love about you, so much so that I decided to list a few, well not a few, exactly 35 things. Happy Birthday baby, I hope you...

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8 Years!

Jun 25, 14 8 Years!

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Yearly Anniversaries especially Wedding Anniversaries can be a chore if you let it get that way but that’s not my story.¬† I look forward to this day every year because its a testimony to what God can do when you give him free reign in your life. This year we are celebrating in Jamaica! How fitting for a couple who are living...

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Khenzi turns 3

Apr 27, 14 Khenzi turns 3

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It’s that time of year again! It’s a birthday celebration in the Nugent household. This time it’s Khenzi’s big day! We are grateful and blessed to have such a sweet princess who is growing so gracefully. She has turned the big 3 years old today and we had a ball celebrating with her classmates and family....

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