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Adventist News Network is the official news service of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church!

It is apart of our regular daily schedule to surf through their web page to keep current on what’s happening in the Adventist Community of Faith. We also follow them on Twitter (@Adventist_News) which makes keeping up just that much easier. We didn’t know until this past sabbath how many of our friends and family across the globe also keep tabs on Adventist News Network because by Sabbath afternoon we’d received messages that a new video clip was on their main page featuring the Nugent’s. We knew the day was coming but must’ve lost track somewhere along the way so it came as a bit of a surprise.

To give some background here’s how the story begins…

This past August we had the pleasure of doing an interview with Tanya Holland on Adventist News Network for their “Meet a Missionary” Segment. We were back in the States for Annual Leave and it was explained that it would be a quick piece to promote Missionary Work highlighting our decision to move to South Africa to use the gifts God has given us in that part of the world. The Communication Staff there at the General Conference (Seventh-day Adventists World Headquarters) were a pleasure to work with, we’d like to thank the team there especially Jennifer Stymiest for the opportunity to share our story. The segment is only 2 minutes so of course that means there was not enough time for me to speak 🙂 but I think Kirk did an excellent job. You can see the video on Adventist News Network’s website by following the link below:

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  1. Angelica White

    Thanks so much our own missionaries. This will be shared with the All Nations family for the health ministries weekend on October 20, 2012.

    Much love,


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