1st Day of School


Today, January 14th was the first day of school for Karsyn and Khenzi. Here in South Africa the school year starts in January and ends in December, not like in the States where it starts in September and ends in June. The kids were so excited to start school again because they had been out of school since December 4th for a long summer break. They eagerly jumped out of bed got dressed and inhaled their breakfast ignoring the rainy weather we had been experiencing all morning.

This is a big year for our big boy Karsyn who is now moving to grade R! Grade R means “the reception year” where kids are given a headstart in a more structured environment preparing them for Grade 1. Here is a short article that I think explains it a little better. So that meant that Karsyn was moving on and Khenzi would remain in Grade 0 ‘Petite Feet’, which I obviously didn’t do enough to prepare her for. As soon as we walked in the door Karsyn saw his best friend Nathan and ran over to say hello and before I knew it Khenzi’s jacket and bag were already making it’s way to the floor. I had to quickly remind her that this was not her classroom but Karsyn’s and we will go to hers just now. Her face wrinkled and tears started to form so I had to quickly reassure her that her friends Lindo and ZaZa would be there to play and do all sorts of nice things.

We said goodbye to Karsyn who was excited to see his very own desk with his name on it and new friends to play with. His class includes 4 girls and 5 boys, 2 of which are new to the school. Khenzi still wasn’t too excited as we walked over to her class which was just next door and one of her previous teacher’s tried their best to console her.

To start the new year off right the entire school usually gathers together for an assembly in the main hall so we trudged through the rain to the hall and spent a few minutes being welcomed by the chaplain and head principal. As soon as assembly was over and we made our way back to the classrooms and I made my exit. Picking them up at the end of school wasn’t filled with tears and dismay as in previous times and they were happy to inform me that they had had a good day and made new friends.

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